“My favourite speakers that I saw at IMATS Sydney 2011 were Emma Hack and Donna Mee who was such a hit with her mind-blowing contouring techniques that she’s come back to do a few classes in Sydney and Brisbane this month!  I got Donna Mee’s autograph :)  Rae Morris was selling her new book there.. I missed her though because her presentation overlapped with Donna Mee’s.”


- Cait, Australia

“The makeup guru – Donna & me. How lucky can one girl be. Donna you are everything and more that I expected. Cant wait for July. Now my real training can begin. Thank you so much for tonight. You are living my dream.”

- Hannelie Burger, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Last night I met one of the most wonderful world renowned makeup artists; Donna Mee. Not only was she incredibly inspiring but she was so very fabulous in all the right ways. Cannot wait for her to come back to SA for some formal training.”

- Katelyn Hughes, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Our Donna Mee moment at Kohl Make-Up South Africa. I enjoyed it!!! You are SO inspiring!!!! I hope that we can one day be at your level… Thank you for sharing your story with us, it has really inspired me to reach my goals Donna Mee.”

- Naaznien Laher, Johannesburg, South Africa

Thank you for having Donna Mee Beauty Expert and Educator on your Beauty Talk Radio program! I am one of the Makeup Artists in Perth, Australia, that is hanging out waiting for Donna to come and teach us her expertise via Master classes in Spring 2013!  I can relate to a lot that she talks about in the interview and it has made me appreciate her work so much more, because I can see how passionate and dedicated she is to helping other makeup artists and improving the makeup industry!

- Belladure Professional Makeup Artists

What an awesome presentation yesterday. Donna Mee was just amazing with what she presented in the class on “Taking Your Portfolio and Career to the Next Level”  Her knowledge is deep and also she is a great story teller!

- Wang Sek, Irvine, CA

Thank you Donna Mee for the contouring and highlighting class.  It was AMAZING!  It was so good that I took pictures of every slide in her presentation!  I truly respect you as an artist and am appreciative that you came and spoke at IMATS LA.

- Bethany Ruck, Los Angeles CA

I wanted to see the judging of the IMATS contest on the Alice in Wonderland theme but I went to a class about contouring instead; it was worth it because it was phenomenal!   Donna Mee taught the class and I learned SO much about corrective makeup, contouring and highlighting in just one hour!

- www.HardcoreMakeupJunkie.com

Can't wait for your book! Come back to Australia and please come to Melborne to speak! So inspiring! It was so lovely meeting you and taking part in your workshop in Sydney after IMATS!  You were amazing and fun as all heck. Come back soon!!

- Raeoni Davies Melbourne, Australia

Wow, I really enjoyed this I learned a lot. I’m just starting out in makeup but having trouble though.  I went to a school in Hollywood, but I’m STILL not confident, so would love to talk with you. Your seminar blew me away.  You’re awesome!

- Debbie Young, San Clemente, CA

You were AMAZING today, at IMATS.  Thank you so much for being such a big inspiration!  I got home and worked on my contouring and highlighting like crazy.  Every little thing you said helped and made me say" I can do this- I can be great!"  I aspire to be an artist like you one day!  I’m so eagerly awaiting your book.  I just know it’s going to be fantastic!!  Once again thank you so much for today!

- Bronwyn Keeley, Sydney Australia

I loved Donna Mee's presentation, so I also attended the 3-hour workshop on Monday night, which was worth every penny! I learned heaps about things I never would have thought about previously.

- Caroline Rose, Copenhagen, Denmark

Your presentation on Contours and Highlights was extremely informative and completely unique to any class I’ve ever taken.   Thank you for actually teaching me something!”

- Sarah Cooper  Chicago, IL

Absolutely phenomenal instructor! I learned so much!

- Meagan Shea, Gwynn Oak, Maryland


The IMATS was fantastic this year! The highlight for me was Donna Mee's contouring & highlighting class.   Thank you Donna!  I thoroughly enjoyed your contouring presentation.  I'd have loved to meet you afterwards but you were swamped by other attendees afterwards, and for good reason!   I hope the future presents more opportunities for you to speak and that I can attend.  Until then…best wishes!

- Sharon Hawkey, Los Angeles CA

Hi Donna! I attended your class at IMATS and have to say it was by far the best class that I attended there.  Anyway, just thought I'd send you a message to let you know that you're a great teacher and I'm a big fan of your work.

- Bailey Morrison LA, CA

AWESOME! Would love to get your book! Hopefully it will have your favorites and recommendations of brands and colors in it. You really know your stuff and are an amazing teacher! Thank you!

- Yashoda Ramzan, Australia

I also took a class by Donna Mee at the 2010 LA IMATS. May I just say “WOW!”?! It was quite possibly the best class I’ve ever taken. She really got into the scientific logistics of beauty. I have always wanted to go to Empire where she teaches, so this was a total treat for me. Donna was not only very informative, but also absolutely hilarious! She made jokes along with giving such helpful information so it was easily absorbed. I would love the chance to learn from her again.

- Lacy Wynant, LA

Hi Donna – you are amazing (and so God damn funny!)  Thanks so much for your time and presentation.  You were absolutely the highlight of IMATS Sydney 2010!  And the additional master class you gave last night… Donna, you're amazing and are so inspirational.  You have inspired so many Aussies.   Please come back – we love you!

- Kirsty Tamplin, Australia

I attended The International Makeup Artist Show in Sydney and was there for your seminar.  I just wanted to thank you as it opened my eyes and my mind about makeup artistry!  I would love to learn and study at your academy!  I wish you had one here in Australia.  Thank you again! 

- Tricia Rufus Sydney, Australia

Love my first IMATS show.  It won’t be my last- unless you’re not speaking again here next year!  I LOVED my time in Donna Mee’s class.  It was the best part of the day and made the price of the show well with it.

- Valeria Cruz  Irvine CA

Great lecture at the Long Beach International Congress of Esthetics and Spa show yesterday! Thank you so much for coming out.  It was the best makeup lecture ever!

- Cybil Solyn , Sherman Oaks, CA

Donna spoke on an amazing concept, which will allow me to completely improve my skills! I realize how much more I can work on my makeup.

- Natasha Scott-Haeussier, Australia

You were so awesome at IMATS today! You really know what you're talking about and have a great personality. I cannot wait to get my hands on your new book when it’s released! Thank you :)

- Sarah Moy New Castle, South Wales, Australia

Thank u so much for sharing so much info with us all today. It was fabulous!!

- Samantha Zinko, Perth Australia

Great class. Very informative! Thank you for the inside tips on foundations.

- Suzanna Orosco, IMATS LA

Amazing! The class wasn’t long enough for all the knowledge she has to offer.

- Nicole Craig

Thanks so much again for providing inspiration and drive to be a better more challenged makeup artist!

- Rachel Nicholas, Australia

Please teach an advanced class and a bridal makeup class (beginning and advanced) next year. Would love to learn more "corrective makeup" techniques too. Thank you!

- Danielle Frey, ICES Long Beach

Awesome seminar. It was a class we should have had in makeup school. Can't wait for the book!

- Alana Anden, Australia

Love it! My first  show- wont be my last. Loved my time with Donna Mee! Was time well spent.

- Josie Marshall, IMATS LA

Donna, I learned some amazing tricks and I can't wait until my next job to try some of them out.  I hope to see you back down here again soon!! Thank you!

- Caroline Rose, Melbourne Australia

Thank you! I am big on highlighting & contouring. It was so good to learn some new tips. Great seminar!

- April Waller, Australia

WOW! Donna has opened up my eyes to a whole new world of contour and highlight concepts!! Thank you!!

- Jenna Garagiola,

Amazing info. It all makes sense and has inspired me to be a better artist!

- Cale Heeley, Australia

Thank you, awesome seminar! I was AMAZED!

- Colleen Morgan, Australia

Brilliant speaker, funny, explains everything so clearly & easy to put to use (with practice of course). I will be getting the book. Thanks!

- Elouise Bermingham, Australia

Great seminar learned a lot and lots of fun. Can’t wait to use the tips given.

- Jerilyn Malonzo, LA

Music to my ears!! Want Donna Mee’s book! She’s amazing! Loved it!

- Eve Chapman, Australia

Great! Can't wait to go and try all the contour and highlight tips at home! Please let me know about your book when it comes out.

- Kirsten Fragner, Australia

Love, Love, Love it!! What an inspiration!

- Rachael Nicholas, Australia

Your seminar blew me away your awesome!

- Debbie Young, LA

A lot of info that finally made sense! Loved the conversational tone of presentation. I learned quite a bit and had fun too!

- Corina Aldaro, LA

Donna is Great!  She knows everything I want to know and she is willing to share her wisdom unlike so many professionals. She is really funny too.

- Melanie Williams LA, CA

I enjoyed your class at IMATS in Pasadena.  You’re awesome.

- Daylyn Rose  San Francisco, CA

Amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you… the makeup industry needs more help everywhere!

- Malorie Norrdin International Congress of Esthetiques & Spa LA

You completely impressed the crowd and myself at IMATS unlike any other speakers

- Christen Hiller  Santa Ana, CA

You rocked the house today at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show!  It was standing room only for you as usual!

- Joe McDonough, Huntington Beach

I popped into your makeup class at the International Congress of Esthetics after attending a different class and was completely enthralled! You were incredibly fun and educational.  I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about makeup! It’s embarrassing.  I look forward to taking more classes from you. Truly inspirational! Thank you!

- Melissa Byrd-Mccullar Bakersfield, CA